Franz Ferdinand are Robert Hardy, Nick McCarthy, Paul Thomson, and Alex Kapranos. Converging in 2001 they played their first show in a friend's flat — and have since played other art openings, founded the Chateau in Glasgow and then moved into a practice space in an old jail cell, have toured the world picking up all sorts of awards, and have more recently set up a studio in an old town hall and recorded another record. All the while generally sticking to the original idea for the band which was to make girls dance through the 3 albums and 8 years that have followed the band's inception.


After signing with Domino in 2004, the band released their first record, self titled, Franz Ferdinand, and then after a long year of touring, their second record You Could Have It So Much Better(2006), they had some more time of touring and then a much needed break. At the start of 2009 the band released their third album to date — Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

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