At Dreaming Tree Films, we believe in the power of youth creativity.

Our mission at Dreaming Tree Films is to encourage youth creativity and bring new ideas to light. Our programs break through the rouge of Hollywood glam to allow young people to create what they want to create, using state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing the experience of professional filmmakers and bringing their own talents and ideas to fruition. Using this model, youth not only have access to the tools they need to make great films, but also the confidence and freedom to create the films they want to see, including making an original documentary about their favorite rock stars!


Through hands-on experience working with professional directors and producers, youth create professional-level narrative films, documentaries, music videos and screenplays. No prior experience is required, and participation is always FREE. All we require from participants is the determination to bring their creative ideas to life.


Dreaming Tree Films gives voice to youth creativity through its innovative programs, such as: Fresh Films, a national teen filmmaking challenge which puts young people in the roles of professional filmmakers; Girls in the Director's Chair, which provides girls with a platform through which their voices can be heard; National Guard DOCS, where young filmmakers infiltrate the ranks to tell the story of everyday heroes; and the Body By Milk got noise? program, that gives teens ages 13-18 a shot at making Usher's new music video.


Kyocera's ALL Access program is the latest innovation in Dreaming Tree's work. Through this new outlet, young people ages 16-22 are given the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, to meet their favorite artists and sit them down for an exclusive interview to be used in an original documentary of their own creation.

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