What is the Kyocera's ALL Access program?
Kyocera's ALL Access is a documentary filmmaking program happening exclusively at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest. The program gives 16-22 year olds an opportunity to create a documentary of the music festival experience – from interviewing the bands to capturing the energy and excitement of the entire fest.


If selected, you'll travel to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.


You’ll then work together as an all-youth doc crew spending 5 intensive days at the festival to develop, produce and shoot the documentary episodes. Your Kyocera All-Access HQ right at the fest, will feature professional HD production equipment to go behind the scenes to shoot interviews, capture performances, edit on the fly, learn from seasoned pros and create a powerful hour-long documentary. Your stay and transportation costs are provided for by Kyocera.


Is this a summer camp?
No way. Kyocera's ALL Access is an action-packed week of documentary filmmaking, where you and
your team will spend five intensive days at the festival to develop, produce and shoot your documentary.
You and your fellow doc crew members are responsible for all aspects of the documentary.


Who is eligible for Kyocera's ALL Access?
You must be between the ages of 16-22 during production as of August 1, 2009.


I have no experience in film. Does that count against me?
There is absolutely no experience necessary to be on a Kyocera's ALL Access crew. You just need to have a passion for creativity and a willingness to go all-access to create the documentary with a team of your peers. We’ll fill you in on the rest.


Where and when will Kyocera's ALL Access crews be this summer?
Kyocera's ALL Access is all happening at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, the summer’s hottest music event. All four crews, each made up of three to four filmmakers plus a senior producer, will be headquartered at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest. The festival is held on August 30th at Merriweather Post Pavilion, which is just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. However, crew members will arrive on Wednesday August 26th to begin pre-production.


Will you provide travel and accommodations for selected doc crew members?
Yes. Our friends at Kyocera want to put your love for music and film in harmony, so they’re providing the Kyocera’s ALL Access documentary opportunity – making sure that selected documentary filmmakers can get there, by providing travel and hotel accommodations while on-set.


How do I enter to become a Kyocera's ALL Access filmmaker?
Applications are now closed. Stay Tuned here to find out about other programs like this one.


So you’re gonna give me money to make my film/documentary?
Sorry, no film grants. But we will teach you the producing, directing and editing skills you will need to create your own documentary.


What do I have to buy?
Nothing! There is no purchase necessary to submit to be a filmmaker with the Kyocera’s ALL Access program.


How much is this program going to cost me?
The program is free thanks to our partner Kyocera. There are no tuition or application fees for Kyocera's ALL Access. Your stay and transportation costs are provided for by the program. You will need to provide for some of your own meals while on-set.


What happens during the Kyocera's ALL Access production week?
You're going to learn how to make a documentary, then you're going to make one. Interns, along with professional filmmakers, will teach you everything you need to know.


You'll get tech training on all the equipment, business training from producers who will teach you how to arrange for film permits, craft services and more. Our producers will also walk you through the process of arranging interviews and planning your shots, storyboards and scheduling.


Each mini-crew of 3-4 doc filmmakers will be assigned one band at the fest – that they’ll be responsible for interviewing, performance filming, etc. As well, the doc crews will have other footage and interviews to capture and edit on the fest itself. As a crew, you’ll work together, get in there and actually make your doc. For more information on production week, check out the Production Process.


Which bands will we get to film?
Kyocera's ALL Access documentary will feature four (4) bands playing at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest. The band featured in the documentary will be announced right here on the website www.allaccessdocs.com – so watch for info!


Can you tell me more about the festival?
There’s tons of info online at www.virginmobilefestival.com.


I play in a band, can our band be part of the documentary?
Only bands playing at the festival – or who win a spot through the festival’s ‘Book the Band’ competition will be featured in the documentary. More info on “Book the Band” is available at www.virginmobilefestival.com.


However, if you’re between ages 16 and 22, and are not only a musician, but also interested in films and docs, then you can always apply to be part of Kyocera's ALL Access documentary!


Can I be the director?
No one filmmaker will be selected over another to serve in any crew position for the duration of the production week. As a Kyocera's ALL Access filmmaker, you will rotate through several crew positions, including camera, sound, assistant director, etc. Our professional producers and directors will oversee the production, but you’ll be making it all happen.


What equipment are we going to use?
Get ready to start drooling! You will be handed HD camera equipment and provided professional editing stations where you’ll do the primary edit of your doc. Since we’re smashing a lot of action into one week, the final edit and polish of the doc will take place at Kyocera's ALL Access headquarters, by a team of in-house editors committed to making your work premiere and festival-ready.


How do I intern with Kyocera's ALL Access?
Interns for 2009 have been chosen from our alumni of former Dreaming Tree Films program. For more information on becoming an intern for next year's program, email info@allaccessdocs.com.


Still have questions? Email us at info@allaccessdocs.com.

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