Here's how we selected Kyocera's ALL Access Doc Crew:

To participate in the 2009 program, we set out to find creative young people between the ages of 16 and 22. No filmmaking experience was necessary. Thousand of young adults applied online right here this past July through August. Our staff carefully read EVERY application. After rounds of phone interviews, 14 crewmembers were chosen. The result? Five intense days that none of us will ever forget!


Wednesday, August 26th:
The selected crew traveled to the Merriweather Pavilion. This wooded site just outside of Baltimore would serve as the home of the 2009 Virgin Mobile FreeFest and the Kyocera's ALL Access program.


Everyone met his/her fellow crewmembers, started tech training and began the overall production planning process. Kyocera's ALL Access Headquarters — essentially a mini-studio HQ located right at the fest — was outfitted with top-of-the-line filmmaking and editing equipment. It served as the crew's home for the five days of the program.


Thursday - Saturday, August 27 - 29:
The selected crew was divided into four smaller crews. Each mini-crew was assigned one band and different elements of the fest. Each of the smaller crews worked alongside a seasoned Producer, Director and/or Intern. The groups planned the shooting schedule, generated interview questions and gathered the type of shots to be implemented. All four groups coordinated with each other to make sure everything captured could be edited into ONE powerful all-access documentary.


Every team member worked every crew position, from camera to location scouting.


The crew also gained access to some pre-show interviews from the bands during tech rehearsal during the fest's setup. These early interviews were edited on-site at the HQ, and played back during the festival!


Sunday, August 30th:
Sunday was really the time to shine. The crew had their big day where they went "all-access" with the band — everything from interviewing them, to learning their inspirations and of course catching their performance. Crew members even PREFORMED on stage with their bands! The crews went behind the scenes of the fest, capturing everything including the "lucky laid-off lounge" and the "buskers." The crews really wanted doc viewers who could not attend the fest to see everything that occurred and feel like they were there.


Monday, August 31st:
The final day and a tearful goodbye. After morning meetings and a final logging of tapes, each crew member headed home. The final editing of the documentary happened at the Chicago headquarters.


From start to finish, the crew controlled the scene! Sound awesome? Yeah, we thought so too. We can't wait to announce next year's program and other great opportunities like it. To stay connected join our Join our mailing list and STAY CONNECTED. This way YOU won't miss out on your all-access pass!

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